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Chris Pyatt
Track Secretary

Paul Barber
Vice Chairman

Child Protection Officer: Paul Jennings
Child Protection Policy

Chairman: Rik Notley(

Getting to Lyme Valley Stadium

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Lyme Valley Stadium, Buckmaster Ave., Newcastle ST5 3BX

Code of Conduct

1. Any rider may be penalized by relegation, disqualification or suspension for:-
1.1. Obstructing, impeding or blocking the forward progress of another rider by any means whatsoever.
1.2. Shutting down or taking another riderís line before having a clear length lead when overtaking.
1.3. For attempting to pass inside the Sprinterís Line when a preceding rider is on or inside the Sprinterís Line.
1.4. Passing another rider on the inside unless the rider is riding wide.
1.5. For being deemed to be failing to defend his/her chances.
1.6. For deliberately obstructing, cutting across or pushing another rider or making movements likely to falsify the result of the race.
1.7. For verbal intimidation whilst training or racing on the track.
1.8. Riding to deliberately assist another rider of the same team or otherwise.

2. The grass is not considered an integral part of the track and it is forbidden to ride upon this to gain advantage.
3. Your unfolded number should be fitted clearly visible and without creasing on the left hand side of your body.
4. Every rider will be held responsible for the conduct of his/her helper(s) during the course of the meeting.
5. A rider eliminated from a race MUST leave the track immediately it is safe to do so and not interfere with the race.
6. After the finish line at the end of the race, PLEASE HOLD YOUR LINE around the track as deviation, either up or down, may cause an accident.
7. Do not take both hands of the bars at any time during or after the race as this could cause an accident.
8. Riders must not ride in a race, at any time, with hands on the tops of the bars, immediate disqualification will be enforced.
9. Bad language or behaviour, on or off the track, will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification and/or suspension.