04/06/2015 - Jack Payne Hits Form

The best weather night of the season saw the best attendance this year at the Brooks Cycles track League on Thursday 28th May 2015. 70 riders competed on the night under blue skies and for a change it was warm.

In the Sprint events Jack Payne ( Sportcity Velo) was on fire as he won the second round of the Keiren League as he flew around the last 200m opening up a good gap on second placed Sean Mayer ( Swinnerton Cycles) and Tom Rotherham ( Sportcity Velo ) in third.  Jack also won the opening 2 up 400m TT with Barney Swinnerton ( Swinnerton cycles ). The other sprint event was the team Sprint which saw Steve Cronshaw , Phil Houlton ( Brooks Cycles ) and Caleb Hill ( Lyme RC) taking the win.

In the A Class endurance events Jacob Booth ( Dave Hinde Cycles) is starting toi build a good lead in the table as he amassed 10.5 points on the night. He won the 10 lap scratch, devil and the course de primes. The final 10 mile scratch was won by Joel Partington ( PM) who caught Tom Rotheham just before the line after Tom had taken a flying 500m out from the line.

The B Class events saw 22 riders compete and there was some very close racing. Phil Booth ( Weaver Valley CC) won the 8 lap scratch and the impressive James Duncalf ( Lyme RC) won the devil and the final 10 mile scratch for the B riders. League leader Mark Love ( Tuxford Clarion ) won the Course de Primes.

In the youth events  league leader Tom Hughes ( Lyme RC) extended his lead as he won the 6 lap scratch and the devil. The opening block handicap was won by Aaron Mansell ( Lyme RC ) who this year has stepped up impressively from the freewheelers league to fixed wheel racing.

The Freewheelers League saw the best turnout of the year with all groups having a strong field with the top points scorers being;

Group 1                Aaron Hardy                       Lyme RC                               9 Points

Group 2                Holly Edwards                    Lyme RC                               8 Points

Group 3                Christian Morley               Lyme RC                               7 Points



Group 1

Race 1

1st           Matthew Cuthbertson

2nd          Ross Hooley                                       Lyme RC

3rd           Izaak Curtis                                         Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Aaron Hardy                                       Lyme RC

2nd          Chris Deall

3rd           Ruby Jennings                                   Lyme RC


Race 3

1st           Matthew Cuthbertson

2nd          Aaron Hardy

3rd           Ross Hooley

Race 4

1st           Aaron Hardy

2nd          Natasha Sandbach

3rd           Izaak Curtis


Group 2

Race 1

1st           Evie Davis                                            Lyme RC

2nd          Ross Ferguson                                   Lyme RC

3rd           Thomas Mould                                  Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Minnie McKenzie                             Lyme RC

2nd          Holly Edwards                                    Lyme RC

3rd           Thomas Mould


Race 3

1st           Holly Edwards

2nd          Cameron O’Neil                                                Lyme RC

3rd           Daniel Jones                                       Lyme RC


Race 4

1st           Ross Ferguson

2nd          Holly Edwards

3rd           Evie Davis


Group 3

Race 1  

1st           Evie Strachan

2nd          Christian Morley                               Lyme RC

3rd           Emma O’Neil                                      Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Max McKenzie                                  Lyme RC

2nd          Logan Sutton

3rd           Christian Morley


Race 3

1st           Christian Morley

2nd          Olly Davis                                             Lyme RC

3rd           Logan Sutton


Race 4

1st           Olly Davis

2nd          Emma O’Neil

3rd           Max McKenzie


Sprinters League 2 Up 400m TT

1st           Barney Swinnerton                         Swinnerton Cycles

                Jack Payne                                          Sportcity Velo

2nd          Steve Cronshaw                                               Brooks Cycles

                Phil Houlton                                       Brooks Cycles

3rd           Martin Stephens                              PM

                Joel Partington                                  PM


Youth Block Handicap

1st           Aaron Mansell                                   Lyme RC

2nd          Hannah Davis                                    

3rd           Charlie Fisher                                     Newport CC


A Class Endurance 10 lap

1st           Jacob Booth                                       Dave Hinde RT

2nd          Joe Swinnerton                                Swinnerton Cycles

3rd           Ethan Davis                                         Wolverhampton Wheelers


B Class 8 lap Scratch

1st           Phil Booth                                           Weaver Valley CC

2nd          James Brayford                                 Lyme RC

3rd           Paige Millward                                  Squadra Donne


Sprinters League Team Sprint

1st           Steve Cronshaw

                Phil Houlton

                Caleb Hill                                              Lyme RC

2nd          Jack Payne

                Barney Swinnerton

                James Hollins                                     Uttoxeter CC

3rd           Martin Stephens                              PM

                Paul Sydenham                                 Brooks Cycles

                Joel Partington                                  PM


Youth Team Sprint

1st           Alex Coates                                        Lyme RC

                Charlie Fisher                                     Newport CC

                Bradley Hill                                          Lyme RC

                Harry Brayford                                  Lyme RC


A Class Endurance Points

1st           Jacob Booth

2nd          Liam Zwetschnikow                        Lyme RC

3rd           Joe Swinnerton


B Class devil

1st           James Duncalf                                   Lyme RC

2nd          Mark Love                                           Tuxford Clarion

3rd           Paige Millward


Youth Devil

1st           Tom Hughes                                       Lyme RC

2nd          Alex Coates

3rd           Oliver Duffin                                      Newport CC


A Class Course de Primes

1st           Jacob Booth

2nd          Simon Bradeley                                Pro Vision

3rd           Joe Swinnerton


B Class Course de Primes

1st           Mark Love

2nd          James Duncalf

3rd           Andrew Bonnett                              Uttoxeter CC


Keiren League Final

1st           Jack Payne

2nd          Sean Mayer                                        Swinnerton Cycles

3rd           Tom Rotherham                               Sportcity Velo

4th           Joel Partington

5th           Barney swinnerton

6th           Phil Houlton


Minor Final

1st           Steve Cronshaw

2nd          Chris Pyatt

3rd           Paul Sydenham


Ladies Final

1st           Lauren Davis                                      Leicestershire RC

2nd          Paige Dutton                                      Swinnerton Cycles

3rd           Paige Millward


Youth 6 lap Scratch

1st           Tom Hughes

2nd          Alex Coates

3rd           Megan Williams                                                Newcastle RC 2001


10 Mile scratch

1st           Joel Partington

2nd          Tom Rotherham

3rd           Jack Payne


 B Class

1st           James Duncalf

2nd          Mark Love

3rd           Phil Braybrooke                                                Manchester Wheelers                  

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