11/06/2015 - British Squad Riders Grace League Event

Two British Squad riders shone at the latest round of the Brooks Cycles Track League on Thursday 11th June 2015. Under blue warm skies 2015 Paralympic World Champion Pete Mitchell ( Black Line Coaching ) won the Sprinters League Sprint Final in a close finish as he just got past local rider Sean Mayer ( Swinnerton Cycles).  The Sprinters League is getting stronger every year with the quality of riders increasing. With three specific Sprint events every week sprinters get a good workout. The other sprint events were the  Team Sprint which went to Barney Swinnerton ( Swinnerton Cycles), Jack Payne ( Sportcity Velo) and Joel Partington ( PM) in a quick 42.06 seconds. The opening 500m handicap league event was won by Barnaby Davis ( PM ) from Martin Stephens a( PM) and Brian Fudge ( Brooks Cycles).

In the A class endurance races British ODP Squad member Matt Walls ( Velocity Global Bikes) won the 8 lap scratch, course de primes and was a member of the winning team pursuit team to take a hat trick of wins. The other A class events were a longest lap event over one lap of the track which was won by Joel Partington and then in the last event of the night Joel went on to win the 10 mile scratch with a well timed sprint effort after a tough race.

The B Class races are starting to see the emergence of another strong youth A rider who is showing great promise for the future. James Duncalf ( Lyme RC) won all four B events in the 8 lap scratch, devil, points and 10 mile scratch as well as the B longest lap. James has come through from the successful Freewheelers league which shows the value of that competition.

The Youth league saw Megan Williams ( Newcastle RC 2001) do a  great ride in the opening block handicap to take the win. Special mention in this event to first time rider at Newcastle Eve Black ( Eastlands Velo) who nearly held on to her long mark starting position but still came a great third place. The other youth events were the 6 lap scratch won by Charlie Fisher ( Newport CC) and Tom Hughes ( Lyme RC)  taking the devil. The team sprint went to Bradley Hill ( Lyme RC) Harry Brayford ( Lyme RC) , Megan Williams, Farley Barber (Lyme RC) Tom Hughes and Hannah Davis ( PM).

The opening Freewheelers League 20 riders took part with the top points scorers being as follows;

Group 1          Matthew Cuthbertson                      10 points

Group 2          Cameron O’Neil                                 7 Points

Group 3          Evie Strachan                                     9 Points



Freewheelers Results

Group 1


Race 1

1st        Matthew Cuthbertson

2nd        Zach Edwards                                     Lyme RC

3rd        Ross Hooley                                        Lyme RC


Race 2

1st        Aaron Hardy                                      Lyme RC

2nd        Ruby Jennings                                                Lyme RC

3rd        Matthew Cuthbertson


Race 3

1st        Matthew Cuthbertson

2nd        Aaron Hardy

3rd        Ruby Jennings


Race 4

1st        Ross Hooley

2nd        Matthew Cuthbertson

3rd        Zach Edwards


Group 2


Race 1

1st        Evie Davis                                           Lyme RC

2nd        Charlie Shroder                    

3rd        Talisha Morley                                   Lyme RC


Race 2

1st        Cameron O’Neil                                 Lyme RC

2nd        Thomas Mould                                   Lyme RC

3rd        Talisha Morley


Race 3

1st        Minnie McKenzie                               Lyme RC

2nd        Cameron O’Neil

3rd        Holly Edwards


Race 4

1st        Thomas Mould

2nd        Talisha Morley

3rd        Cameron O’Neil




Group 3


Race 1

1st        Evie Strachan

2nd        Sam Waller                                         Lyme RC

3rd        Olly Davis                                           Lyme RC


Race 2

1st        Emma O’Neil                                      Lyme RC

2nd        Sam McKenzie                                    Lyme RC

3rd        Gracie Walters


Race 3

1st        Evie Strachan

2nd        Emma O’Neil

3rd        Olly Davis


Race 4

1st        Logan Sutton

2nd        Evie Strachan

3rd        Emma O’Neil





500m Handicap League

1st        Barnaby Davis                                                PM

2nd        Martin Stphens                                  PM

3rd        Brian Fudge                                        Brooks Cycles


A Class Longest lap

1st        Joel Partington                                  PM

2nd        Matt Walls                                         Velocity Global Bikes

3rd        Caleb Hill                                            Lyme RC


B Class Longest lap   

1st        James Duncalf                                                Lyme RC

2nd        Mike Perry                                         ProVision

3rd        Jerrod Latham                                                Manchester Wheelers


Youth Block Handicap

1st        Megan Williams                                 Newcastle RC 2001

2nd        Harry Horn                                         Lyme RC

3rd        Eve Black                                            Eastlands Velo

A Class 8 lap Scratch

1st        Matt Walls

2nd        Jacob Booth                                       Dave Hinde Racing Team

3rd        James Farrington                               Sportcity Velo


B Class 8 lap Scratch

1st        James Duncalf

2nd        James Brayford                                  Lyme RC

3rd        Andrew Bonnett                                Uttoxeter CC


Sprinters League Team Sprint

1st        Barney Swinnerton                           Swinnerton Cycles

            Jack Payne                                          Sportcity Velo

            Joel Partington

2nd        Caleb Hill

            Chris Pyatt                                         Brooks Cycles

            Pete Mitchell                                     Black Line Coaching

3rd        Brian Fudge

            Phil Houlton                                       Brooks Cycles

            Barnaby Davis           


Youth Team Sprint

1st        Bradley Hill                                         Lyme RC

            Harry Brayford                                   Lyme RC

            Megan Williams

            Farley Barber                                     Lyme RC

            Tom Hughes                                       Lyme RC

            Hannah Davis                                     PM


A Class Course de primes

1st        Matt Walls

2nd        Joe Swinnerton                                  Swinnerton Cycles

3rd        Ethan Davis                                        Wolverhampton Wheelers


B Class Devil

1st        James Duncalf

2nd        James Brayford

3rd        Phil Booth                                          Weaver Valley CC


Youth Devil

1st        Tom Hughes

2nd        Alex Coates                                        Lyme RC

3rd        Louis Evans                                         Lyme RC


A Class Team Pursuit

1st        Matt Walls

            James Farrington

            Liam Zwtschnikow                             Lyme RC

            Mark Love                                          Tuxford Clarion


B Class Points

1st        James Duncalf

2nd        Conner Fearon

3rd        Andrew Bonnett


Sprinters League Sprint Final

1st        Pete Mitchell

2nd        Sean Mayer                                        Swinnerton Cycles

3rd        Phil Houlton


Youth Scratch

1st        Charlie Fisher                                     Newport CC

2nd        Tom Hughes

3rd        Alex Coates


A Class 10 Mile

1st        Joel Partington

2nd        Joe Swinnerton

3rd        Matt Walls


B Class

1st        James Duncalf

2nd        Ethan Davis

3rd        Phil Booth                 

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