20/08/2015 - Aiden Morley Shines at League Event

The Brooks Cycles Track League took place under grey skies on Thursday 20th August 2015 at the Lyme Valley Velodrome, Newcastle under Lyme , Staffs. Luckily the rain forecast earlier in the week did not appear and a full nights racing took place.

The Freewheelers Races kicked off the night with a good turnout of riders as the youngsters are starting to return from their holidays. After the 13 race program the top point’s scorers were as follows in each group;

Group 1                Zach Edwards                    Lyme RC                               11 Points

Group 2                Cameron O’Neil                                Lyme RC                               7 Points

Group 3                Olly Davis                             Lyme RC                               8 Points

The Main league started off with the 500m Handicap League event which is always a great way to start the night. Martin Stephens ( PM) rode a superb race to win in fine style from the leagues most promising youth rider to emerge this year, Caleb Hill ( Lyme RC) and Josh Spendelow  (PM) in third.  In the other Sprint events the team of Caleb Hill, Chris Pyatt ( Brooks Cycles) and Barney Swinnerton ( Swinnerton Cycles ) won the team sprint and Joel Partington (PM) won a close finish in the sprint final from Sean Mayer ( Swinnerton Cycles).

In the endurance events last years A Class winner Joe Swinnerton ( Swinnerton Cycles) had a good night as he won the 10 lap scratch and the Points Race. First time this year and current World Masters Track Points Champion James Notley won the devil event and Joel Partington won the final 10 mile scratch.

In the B endurance races Aiden Morley ( Lyme RC) won the opening 10 lap scratch,the points race and the final 10 mile scratch to have his best ever night at the track league. Mike Perry ( Provision) took the devil to complete the B events.

The Youth events saw some great racing with Harry Horn ( Lyme RC) winning the opening block handicap. Other individual events went to Tom Hughes ( Lyme RC) in the devil and there was such a close finish in the 6 lap scratch that the judges could not separate Charlie Fisher ( Newport CC ) and Alex Coates ( Lyme RC) .


Group 1

Race 1

1st           Zach Edwards                    Lyme RC

2nd          Natasha Sandbach           Lyme RC

3rd           Ruby Jennings                   Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Zach Edwards

2nd          Natasha Sandbach

3rd           Thomas Mould                  Lyme RC


Race 3

1st           Thomas Mould

2nd          Ruby Jennings

3rd           Zach Edwards

Race 4

1st           Zach Edwards   

2nd          Natasha Sandbach

3rd           Thomas Mould


Group 2


Race 1

1st           Evie Strachan                     Stafford RC

2nd          Evie Davis                            Lyme RC

3rd           Holly Edwards                    Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Minnie McKenzie             Lyme RC

2nd          Jamie Good                        Stafford RC

3rd           Cameron O’Neil                                Lyme RC


Race 3

1st           Cameron O’Neil

2nd          Jamie Good

3rd           Holly Edwards


Race 4

1st           Holly Edwards

2nd          Cameron O’Neil

3rd           Christian Morley               Lyme RC


Race 5

1st           Evie Davis

2nd          Minnie McKenzie

3rd           Evie Strachan


Group 3


Race 1

1st           Olly Davis                             Lyme RC

2nd          Emma O’Neil                      Lyme RC

3rd           Nicholas Sandbach          Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Harly Johns                         Lyme RC

2nd          Emma O’Neil

3rd           Olly Davis


Race 3

1st           Lara Good                           Stafford RC

2nd          Max McKenzie                  Lyme RC

3rd           Nicholas Sandbach

Race 4

1st           Olly Davis

2nd          Emma O’Neil

3rd           Max McKenzie




500m Handicap League

1st           Martin Stephens                              PM

2nd          Caleb Hill                                              Lyme RC

3rd           Josh Spendelow                                               PM


Youth Block Handicap

1st           Harry Horn                                          Lyme RC

2nd          Alex Coates                                        Lyme RC

3rd           Charlie Fisher                                     Newport CC


A Class 10 laps Scratch

1st           Joe Swinnerton                                Swinnerton cycles


B Class 10 lap Scratch

1st           Aiden Morley                                    Lyme RC

2nd          George Hancock                               Lyme RC

3rd           Mike Boston                                      Lyme RC


Team Sprint

1st           Caleb Hill                                              Lyme RC

                Chris Pyatt                                          Brooks Cycles

                Barney Swinnerton                         Swinnerton Cycles

2nd          Harvey Jackson                                 Halesowen ACC

                Josh Spendelow                                               PM

                Joel Partington                                  PM

3rd           Martin Stephens

                Steve Cronshaw                                               Brooks Cycles

                Sean Mayer                                        Swinnerton Cycles


Youth Team Sprint

1st           Aaron Mansell                                   Lyme RC

                Harry Horn

                Farley Barber                                     Lyme RC

                Reuben Blakman                              Derby Mercury

                Alex Coates                                        Lyme RC


A Class Devil

1st           James Notley                                     Mammoth RT


B Class Devil

1st           Mike Perry                                          Provision

2nd          Mike Boston

3rd           Phil Powell                                          Newcastle RC


Youth Devil

1st           Tom Hughes                                       Lyme RC

2nd          Farley Barber

3rd           Alex Coates


A Class Points

1st           Joe Swinnerton


B Class Points

1st           Aiden Morley

2nd          Mike Perry

3rd           George Hancock


Sprint Final

1st           Joel Partington

2nd          Sean Mayer

3rd           Barney Swinnerton


Youth Scratch

1st           Charlie Fisher and Alex Coates

3rd           Farley Barber


A Class 10 mile

1st           Joel Partington

2nd          Caleb Hill

3rd           Joe Swinnerton


B Class

1st           Aiden Morley

2nd          Mike Perry

3rd           Mike Boston

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