25/05/2017 - C Class League Proving a Huge Success at League

The latest round of the  Brooks Cycles Track League took place in sweltering conditions at the Lyme Valley Velodrome, Newcastle under-Lyme, Staffordshire .The night started with the Freewheelers League with all riders giving it 100% in every race.  The top point’s scorers on the night were as follows;

Group 1                Thomas Wheaver                    Lyme RC                               7 points

Group 2                Liam Campbell                       Lyme RC                               11 Points

Group 3                Max McKenzie                 Lyme RC                                9  Points

    Harley Johns                           Newcastle Rc 2001                9 Points                                                       

In the main league the A Class events saw Mark Love ( Tuxford Clarion ) win the opening 10 lap scratch from new order to the league Steve Chambers ( Movello ) . Steve then won the Unknown Distance and the devil before Joel Partington ( Swinnerton Cycles ) put in his usual devastating sprint finish to take the 10 mile scratch. 

The sprinters league opened with Joel Partington and George Hancock( Brooks Cycles ) winning their 1/2 lap standing start heats. Chris Pyatt, Caleb Hill and Josh Spendelow then won the team sprint before Joel then won the Kieren Final from caleb Hill and George Hancock.  

In the B Class events Thomas Hughes ( Lyme RC ) won the opening 10 lap scratch . Nick Moore ( Newcastle RC 2001 ) took a great win in the unknown Distance and  Josh wilkes took the devil.

The new C Class league saw wins from Darren Hughes in the 8 lap scratch  and Dave Williams ( Newcastle RC 2001) win the unknown distance and devil. 

In the youth races Hannah Davis ( Lyme RC) won the 200m TT, devil and the Team Sprint with team mates Izaak Curtis and Seth Ireland. Ross Hooley ( Lyme RC ) took the final unknown distance race. 


Freewheelers Results 

Group 1 

Race 1

1st           Thomas Wheaver                                     Lyme RC

2nd          Thomas Mould                                         Lyme RC

3rd           Seth Ireland                                             Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Minnie McKenzie                                      Lyme RC

2nd          Harry Clewlow                                          Lyme RC

3rd           Evie Davis                                 Lyme RC


Race 3

1st           Thomas Wheaver   Lyme RC

2nd          Seth Ireland    Lyme RC

3rd           Harry Brayford                           Lyme RC


Race 4

1st           Ruby Jennings

2nd          Daniel Jones

3rd           Minnie McKenzie

Race 5

1st Harry Clewlow

2nd Harry Brayford

3rd Minnie McKenzie



Group 2


Race 1

1st           Liam Campbell                                Lyme RC

2nd          Charlie Clewlow                              Lyme RC

3rd          Olly Davis                                        Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Liam Campbell

2nd          Olly Davis

3rd           Charlie Clewlow


Race 3

1st           Olly Davis

2nd          Liam Campbell

3rd           Charlie Clewlow


Race 4

1st           Olly Davis

2nd          Liam Campbell

3rd           Charlie Clewlow




Group 3


Race 1

1st          Harley Johns Newcastle RC 2001

2nd          Max McKenzie                                       Lyme RC



Race 2

1st         Max McKenzie

3rd         Harley Johns


Race 3

1st           Max McKenzie

2nd          Harley Johns


Race 4

1st           Harley Johns

2nd         Max McKenzie




Sprinters League 200m Standing Starts Heat Winners

Joel Partington Swinnerton Cycles

George Hancock Brooks Cycles



Youth 200m TT

1st Hannah Davis Lyme RC

2nd Izaak Curtis Lyme RC

3rd Ross Hooley Lyme RC



A Class Endurance 10 lap scratch

1st Mark Love Tuxford Clarion

2nd Steve Chambers Movello

3rd Mike Perry Pro Vision

B Class 8 Lap Scratch

1st Thomas Hughes Pro Vision

2nd Phil Braybrooke Cheshire Mavericks

3rd Andrew Bonnett Uttoxeter CC


C Class 8 Lap Scratch

1st Darren Hughes Lyme RC

2nd Dave Williams Newcastle RC 2001

3rd Phil Powell Newcastle RC 2001

Sprinters League Team Sprint

1st           Chris Pyatt Brooks Cycles

               Josh Spendelow                             Brooks Cycles     

               Caleb Hill                Brooks Cycles

2nd           Steve Cronshaw Brooks Cycles 

                George Hancoc                              Brooks Cycles

                Barney Swinnerton           Swinnerton Cycles

3rd           Joel Partington

                Aleshia Mellor Lyme RC

                Tony Brooks Brooks Cycles               

Youth Team Sprint

1st         Izaak Curtis

Hannah Davis

             Seth Ireland

A Class Unknown Distance

1st Steve Chambers

2nd Mike Perry


B Class Unknown Distance

1st Nick Moore Newcastle RC 2001

2nd Steve Hall Lyme RC

3rd Thomas Hughes

 C Class Unknown Distance

1st Dave Williams

2nd Neil Batten Newcastle RC 2001

3rd Darren Hughes

Youth Devil

1st Hannah Davis

2nd Ross Hooley

3rd Olivia Braybrooke Sportcity Velo


A Class Devil

1st Steve Chambers

2nd Mark Love

3rd Mike Perry

B Class Devil

1st Joshua Wilkes

2nd Mike Boston Uttoxeter CC

3rd Phil Braybrooke

C Class Devil

1st Dave Williams

2nd Darren Hughes

3rd Phil Powell


Sprinters League Kieren Final

1st           Joel Partington Swinnerton Cycles

2nd          Caleb Hill

3rd           George Hancock

4th   Chris Pyatt

5th   Josh Spendelow

6th   Barney Swinnerton

Youth Unknown Distance

1st           Ross Hooley

2nd          Hannah Davis

3rd          Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC



40 lap Scratch


A Class

1st Joel Partington

2nd Mark Love

3rd Joshua Wilkes


B Class

1st           Chris Pyatt

2nd          Josh Spendelow

3rd           Andrew Bonnett




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