06/07/2017 - Batten and Jordan take double at League

After the rain last week caused the cancellation of the event the racing resumed at the Brooks Cycles Track League, Staffordshire onThursday 6th July 2017.

The night started with the usual Freewheelers League with the top points scores across the three groups were as follows;

Group 1 Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC 12 Points Group 2 Liam Campbell             Lyme RC 11 Points                       Group 3           Max McKenzie Lyme RC                      10 Points

The first event of the main league was the 500m Handicap League where Steve Cronshaw ( Brooks Cycles ) put in a great ride to tale the win from a quality field who failed to catch him although it can be said that he held most of his advantage from the start to the end. In the team sprint Joel Partington ( Swinnerton Cycles ) , Caleb Hill ( Brooks Cycles) and Dan Cooper (Team Terminator ) set a blistering time to take the win. Joel then won the Sprint event to keep his overall lead in the Sprinters League.

The B class events saw Andrew Bonnett ( Uttoxeter CC) take the 10 lap scratch, Harry     Ledingham-Horn ( Lyme RC ) won the points and Mike Boston ( Uttoxeter CC ) took the Devil.

In the C Class event Neil Batten ( Newcastle RC 2001) won the scratch and the Points Race before Phil Powell ( newcastle RC 2001 ) took the devil .

The youth events saw a great turn out with a number of the freewheelers now moving up which is so encouraging for the development of the league . First night rider Jacob Gilkes ( Lichfield CCC) took the block handicap before Harry Jordan ( Eastlands Velo )won the Scratch and the devil races.

Unfortunately the night did not include the usual 10 mile event as a earlier crash in the opening B class scratch race made there was no time for this event. the league send out their best wishes to Nick Moore ( Newcastle RC 2001) and Phil Braybrooke ( Cheshire Mavericks ) on a speedy recovery. 




Group 1 

Race 1

1st           Thomas Wheaver                            Lyme RC

2nd          Thomas Mould                                Lyme RC

3rd           Seth Ireland                                    Lyme RC



Race 2

1st           Minnie McKenzie Lyme RC                                      

2nd          Thomas Wheaver   Lyme RC

3rd           Harry Clewlow                      Lyme RC


Race 3

1st   Thomas Wheaver

2nd   Seth Ireland

3rd   Thomas Mould


Race 4

1st           Thomas Wheaver

2nd          Minnie McKenzie

3rd           Seth Ireland





Group 2

Race 1

1st         Liam Campbell                                Lyme RC

2nd          Charlie Clewlow               Lyme RC

3rd   Aaron Flye Lyme RC


Race 2

1st          Charlie Clewlow

2nd`         Liam Campbell

3rd   Aaron Flye

Race 3

1st         Liam Campbell                                

2nd          Aaron Flye

3rd   Charlie Clewlow


Race 4

1st           Charlie Clewlow

2nd          Liam Campbell

3rd   Aaron Flye


Group 3 

Race 1

1st           Harley Johns Newcastle RC 2001

2nd          Thomas Ford Lyme RC

3rd   Max McKenzie Lyme RC                                 


Race 2

1st           Thomas Ford

2nd    Max McKenzie

3rd   Harley Johns

Race 3

1st           Max McKenzie

2nd          Thomas Ford

3rd         Harley Johns

Race 4

1st           Max McKenzie

2nd          Harley Johns

3rd   Thomas Ford



500m Handicap League

1st           Steve Cronshaw                        Brooks Cycles

2nd          Joel Partington     Swinnerton Cycles

3rd           Josh Spendelow     Brooks Cycles

4th   Barney Swinnerton     Swinnerton cycles

5th   Chris Pyatt        Brooks Cycles

6th          Dan Cooper     Team Terminator

Youth Block handicap

1st           Jacob Gilkes   Lichfield CCC

2nd          Josh Marsden   Lyme RC

3rd           Ross Hooley   Lyme RC

 A Endurance 10 lap scratch

1st          Farley Barber   Pro Vision


B Class 10 lap Scratch 

1st Andrew Bonnett Uttoxeter CC

2nd Harry Ledingham-Horn Lyme RC

3rd Thomas Hughes ProVision


C Class 8 lap Scratch

1st Neil Batten Newcastle Rc 2001

2nd Mick Stubbs Newcastle Rc 2001

3rd Phil Bratten U/A


Sprinters League Team Sprint

1st          Joel Partington Swinnerton cycles

Dan Cooper

Caleb Hill Brooks Cycles


Youth Team sprint

1st           Jacob Gilkes

              Richard Wason Uttoxeter CC

             Harry Jordan Eastlands Velo

Josh Marsden    

Jack Emerson Newport CC



A Class Points

1st           Farley Barber


B Class points

1st Harry Ledingham Horm

2nd Andrew Bonnett

3rd Thomas Hughes

C Class Points Race

1st Neil Batten

2nd Mick Stubbs

3rd Phil Bratton


Youth Devil

1st           Harry Jordan

2nd          Jack Emmerson

3rd           Hannah Davis Lyme RC


B Class Devil

1st Mike Boston Uttoxeter CC

2nd Harry Ledingham-Horn

3rd Andrew Bonnett


C Class devil

1st Phil Powell

2nd Neil Batten 

3rd Andrew Wright Uttoxeter CC


Sprint Final

1st          Joel Partington

2nd         Caleb Hill

3rd          Josh Spendelow


Youth Scratch

1st           Harry Jordan

2nd          Thomas Bullock

3rd           Jack Emmerson

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