03/08/2017 - Ledingham-Horn shows his sprinting legs

The latest round of the Brooks Cycles Track League took place on Thursday 3rd August 2017. Despite rain being forecast it never came and  full program of events took place. 

The nights started with the usual Freewheelers League and the top points scores across the three groups were as follows;

Group 1 Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC 9 Points Group 2 Liam Campbell             Lyme RC 11 Points                       Group 3           Harley Johns Newcastle RC 200     10Points

The first event of the main league was the 500m Handicap League where long marker Harry Ledingham Horn ( Lyme RC ) won in final style holding off Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles ) who now leads the handicap league overall. These two riders along with Chris Pyatt ( Brooks Cycles ) won the team sprint before Joel Partington (Swinnerton Cycles ) took the sprint final

In the B Class races Harry Ledingham Horn dominated to take the 10 lap scartch, devil and was part of the winning team pursuit. The other B class event the 10 mile was won by Mike Boston ( Uttoxeter CC )

The C Class events resulted in Neil Batten ( Newcastle RC 2001) winning the opening 6 lap scratch before Mick Stubbs ( Newcastle RC 2001 ) won the devil. Youth rider Thomas       Bullock moved up to take the 10 mile win and to show great promise for the future.

The youth event saw Harry Jordan ( Eastlands Velo )  won the 200m handicap, devil, scratch and was a member of the team pursuit to take a clean sweep of wins. 




Group 1 

Race 1

1st           Thomas Wheaver                        Lyme RC

2nd          Josh Marsden                                  Lyme RC

3rd           Thomas Mould                               Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Daniel Jones Lyme RC                                      

2nd          Harry Clewlow  Lyme RC

3rd           Evie Davis                       Lyme RC


Race 3

1st   Thomas Wheaver

2nd   Josh Marsden

3rd   Thomas Mould


Race 4

1st           Josh Marsden

2nd          Thomas Wheaver

3rd           Evie Davs


Group 2

Race 1

1st         Liam Campbell                             Lyme RC

2nd          Charlie Clewlow         Lyme RC  

3rd   Olly Davis           Lyme RC


Race 2

1st          Charlie Clewlow

2nd`         Olly Davis

3rd   Liam Campbell

Race 3

1st          Liam Campbell

2nd`         Charlie Clewlow

3rd   Olly Davis

Race 4

1st           Liam Campbell

2nd          Charlie Clewlow

3rd   Olly Davis


Group 3


Race 1

1st Harley Johns Newcastle RC 2001

2nd Thomas Ford Lyme RC

3rd George Morton Lyme RC


Race 2

1st Ben Bramford-Hale Newport CC

2nd Thomas Ford

3rd Harley Johns


Race 3

1st George Morton

2nd Harley Johns

3rd Thomas Ford

Race 4

1st Harley Johns

2nd George Morton

3rd Ben Bramford-Hale



500m Handicap League

1st           Harry Ledingham-Horn Lyme RC                      

2nd          Josh Spendelow     Brooks Cycles

3rd           Chris Pyatt     Brooks Cycles

4th   Barney Swinnerton     Swinnerton Cycles

5th          Joel Partington     Swinnerton Cycles

Youth 200m TT

1st           Harry Jordan   Eastlands Velo

2nd          Thomas Bullock   Newport CC

3rd           Josh Marsden Lyme RC


B Class 10 lap Scratch 

1st Harry Ledingham-Horn Lyme RC

2nd Paige Nutton Swinnerton Cycles

3rd Mike Boston Uttoxeter CC


C Class 6 lap Scratch

1st Neil Batten Newcastle RC 2001

2nd Phil Powell Newcastle RC 2001

3rd Phil Bratton U/A


Sprinters League Team Sprint

1st Harry Ledingham-Horn

Chris Pyatt

Josh Spendelow


Youth Team Sprint

1st Harry Jordan

Thomas Wheaver

Izaaak Curtis Lyme RC


B Class Team Pursuit

1st Harry Ledingham-Horn

Neil Batten

Darren Hughes


Youth Devil

1st Harry Jordan

2nd Thomas Bullock

3rd Thomas Wheaver


B Class Devil

1st Harry Ledingham-Horn

2nd Mike Boston Uttoxeter CC

3rd Paige Nutton


C Class Devil

1st Mick Stubbs

2nd Phil Powell

3rd Phil Bratton


Sprinters League Sprint

1st Joel Partington

2nd Josh Spendelow

3rd Barney Swinnerton


Youth Scratch

1st Harry Jordan

2nd Thomas Bullock

3rd Thomas Wheaver


A Class 10 Mile

1st Joel Partington

2nd Josh Spendelow

3rd Chris Pyatt


B Class

1st Mike Boston

2nd Harry Ledingham-Horn


C Class

1st Thomas Bullock

2nd Neil Batten

3rd Mick Stubbs

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