28/06/2018 - Hannah Davies has Great Night at League Event

The hot weather continues and so does the Brooks Cycles Track , Lyme Valley Velodrome, Newcastle under Lyme  on Thursday 28th June 2018. With a large number f riders at the national Masters Track Championships and the added attraction of the England World Cup match the attendance was down on previous weeks however the racing was hotly contested . 

In the Freewheelers racing the top points scores across the three groups were as follows;

Group 1 Harry Clewlow Lyme RC 14 Points Group 2 Charlie Clewlow Lyme RC   6  Points

Group 3 Eddie Townsend Lyme RC 10 Points


The main league started with the latest round of the 500m Handicap League and long marker Hannah Davies  ( Lyme RC ) took a fine win . Hannah then won the team sprint with Harry Ledingham-Horn ( Lyme RC ) and Joel Partington ( Sportcity Velo ) before Joel then won the sprint final. 

In the A Class Endurance events Joel Partington won all the events apart from the devilw which went to Harry Ledingham-Horn. 

The B Class races saw wins go to Dominic Slinn ( Macclesfield Wheelers ) in the 10 laps scartch, points and 20 laps scratch with Esme Niblett ( Mid Shropshire Wheelers) taking the devil. 

The C Class leagues a saw Hannah Davies take the 8 laps scratch ,points and 15 laps scratch with Steve Brindle ( Lyme Rc ) taking the devil .

Thomas Wheaver ( Lyme RC ) had a good night in winning the block handicap and team sprint with Liam Campbell and Seth Ireland. Josh Marsden ( Lyme RC ) won the final 6 laps scratch.



Group 1 

Race 1

1st           Thomas Alcock                                   Lyme RC

2nd   Harry Clewlow   Lyme RC

3rd          Evie Davis                           Lyme RC



Race 2

1st           Minnie McKenzie Lyme RC                                     

2nd          Harry Clewlow

3rd           Evie Davis


Race 3

1st           Harry Clewlow

2nd          Minnie McKenzie 

3rd           Charlie Clewlow


Race 4

1st          Harry Clewlow

2nd          Minnie McKenzie

3rd          Evie Davis


Race 5

1st Harry Clewlow

2nd Thomas Alcock

3rd Minnie McKenzie




Group 2

Race 1

1st           Charlie Clewlow                               Lyme RC


Race 2

1st          Charlie Clewlow

Race 3

1st           Charlie Clewlow


Race 4

1st          Charlie Clewlow




Group 3 

Race 1

1st           Eddie Townsend Lyme RC

2nd          Max Mckenzie Lyme RC        

3rd   Sophie Griffiths Lyme RC                         


Race 2

1st           Thomas Ford

2nd    Sophie Griffiths

3rd   Max Mckenzie 

Race 3

1st           Sophie Griffiths

2nd          Thomas Ford

3rd   Max McKenzie

Race 4

1st           Eddie Townsend

2nd          Max MCKenzie

3rd   Thomas Ford

Race 5

1st Eddie Townsend

2nd Thomas Ford

3rd Sophie Griffiths



500m Handicap League


1st          Hannah Davies     Lyme RC

2nd         Harry Ledingham-Horn     Lyme RC    

3rd   Joel Partington     Sportcity Velo


Youth Block Handicap

1st   Thomas Wheaver   Lyme RC

2nd   Thomas Alcock   Lyme RC

3rd   Liam Campbell   Lyme RC


A Endurance 10 lap scratch

1st           Joel Partington

2nd Harry Ledingham-Horn              



B Class 10 lap Scratch 

1st Dominic Slinn Macclesfield Wheelers

2nd Esme Niblett Mid Shropshire Wheelers

3rd Andrew Bonnet Uttoxeter CC

C Class 8 lap Scratch

1st Hannah Davis

2nd Neil Batten Velo Runner

3rd Mark Ireland Lyme RC


Sprinters League Team Sprint

1st         Hannah Davis

            Harry Ledingham-Horn

             Joel Partington Sportcity Velo


Youth Team Sprint

1st Thomas Wheaver 

            Seth Ireland

Liam Campbell


A Class Points

1st           Joel Partington

2nd   Harry Ledingham-Horn



B Class Points

1st Dominic Slinn

2nd Andrew Bonnett

3rd Esme Niblett


C Class Points

1st Hannah Davis

2nd Mark Ireland

3rd Steve Brindle Lyme RC



A Class Endurance Devil

1st           Harry Ledingham-Horn

2nd   Joel Partington


B Class Devil

1st Esme Niblett

2nd Dominic Slinn

3rd Andrew Bonnett



C Class Devil

1st Steve Brindle

2nd Mick Stubbs Newcastle RC 2001

3rd Hannah Davis


Sprint Final

1st           Joel Partington

2nd   Harry Ledingham-Horn 



Youth Scratch race

1st Josh Marsden

2nd Thomas Wheaver

3rd Thomas Alcock


C Class 15 laps Scratch 

1st Hannah Davis

2nd Mark Ireland

3rd Mick Stubbs


25 lap Scratch A 

1st           Joel Partington



1st         Dominic Slinn

2nd Esme Niblett

3rd Andrew Bonnett

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