09/08/2018 - Professional Rider Kenway lights up League

Despite the forecast of showers it stayed dry at the Brooks Cycles track league at Newcastle under Lyme took place on Thursday 9th August 2018 . 

The Freewheelers League started the nights racing with the top point’s scorers being as follows;

Group 1                Harry Clewlow                     Lyme RC                             8 Points      

Group 2                Charlie Clewlow         Lyme RC     11 Points

Group 3                George Morton                          Lyme RC                             8  Points                                                          

In the main league the A Class endurances races the appearance of Professional rider Adam Kenway ( Vitus Pro Team ) saw the speed increase from previous weeks with him dominating all the events winning the 10 laps scratch, course de primes, devil and 20 laps scratch.

The Sprinters league opened with the 1/2 lap standing starts with wins going to league sponsor Tony Brooks and Phil Houlton both of Brooks Cycles. The team sprint went to Phil Houlton, Tony Brooks and Josh Spendelow. The Keiren league saw  Joel Partington ( Sportcity Velo ) win from Josh Spendelow. 

In the B Class events saw first time rider Michael Kirkland ( Ram CC) win the 10 laps scratch, Course de primes and the devil. The final 20 laps scratch went to Jerry Cross     ( Manchester Wheelers ).

The C League races saw Paige Nutton ( Swinnerton Cycles ) return to this league and win the devil and 15 laps scratch. Lloyd Dunet continued to show great promise in only his second league event winning the open 8 laps scratch. Neil Batten ( Velo Runner ) won the course de primes event. 

In the youth races the field was low due to the summer holidays however wins went to Thomas Wheaver in the 200m TT and the 400m TT and Liam Campbell in the 600m      handicap   

Freewheelers Results 

Group 1 

Race 1

1st           Harry Clewlow                                            Lyme RC

2nd   Evie Davis         Lyme RC


Race 2

1st         Harry Clewlow

2nd        Evie Davis


Race 3

1st           Harry Clewlow

2nd          Evie Davis



Race 4

1st           Evie Davis

2nd          Harry Clewlow


Group 2


Race 1

1st           Oscar Peel                                    Lyme RC

2nd          Charlie Clewlow                                 Lyme RC

3rd   Olly Davis   Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Charlie Clewlow

2nd   Olly Davis

3rd   Oscar Peel    


Race 3

1st           Oscar Peel

2nd          Charlie Clewlow

3rd   Olly Davis 


Race 4

1st         Charlie Clewlow

2nd         Oscar Peel

3rd Olly Davis


Group 3


Race 1

1st          George Morton Lyme RC

2nd         Eddie Townsend Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Eddie Townsend

2nd         George Morton


Race 3

1st          George Morton

2nd          Eddie Townsend     


Race 4

1st           George Morton

2nd          Eddie Townsend




Sprinters League 200m Standing winners

Tony Brooks Brooks Cycles

Phil Houlton Brooks Cycles


Youth 200m TT

1st Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC

2nd Liam Campbell Lyme RC



A Class Endurance 10 lap scratch

1st Adam Kenway Vitus Pro Cycling Team 

2nd Harry Jordan Element RT

3rd Charlie Fisher Newport CC


B Class 10 Lap Scratch

1st Michael Kirkland Ram CC

2nd Dominic Slinn Macclesfield Wheelers 

3rd Jerry Cross Manchester Wheelers


C Class 6 lap Scratch

1st Lloyd Dunet BC PM

2nd Hannah Davies Lyme RC

3rd Neil Batten Velo Runner


Sprinters League Team Sprint

1st           Phil Houlton

               Josh Spendelow Brooks Cycles

              Tony Brooks


Youth Team Sprint

1st         Thomas Wheaver 

  Liam Campbell


A Class Course De Primes

1st Adam Kenway

2nd Charlie Fisher


B Class Course de Primes

1st Michael Kirkland

2nd Jerry Cross

3rd Dominic Slinn


C Class Course De Primes

1st Neil Batten

2nd Paige Nutton

3rd Darren Hughes Lyme RC


Keiren League

1st Joel Partington

2nd Josh Spendelow

3rd Steve Cronshaw 


Youth Scratch

1st Liam Campbell

2nd Thomas Wheaver 


A Class Devil

1st Adam Kenway

2nd Charlie Fisher

3rd Harry Jordan


B Class Devil

1st Michael Kirkland

2nd Dominic Slinn

3rd Iain Davidson 


C Class

1st Paige Nutton

2nd Hannah Davies

3rd Neil Batten


Youth 1 lap TT

1st Thomas Wheaver

2nd Liam Campbell 



20 lap Scratch

1st           Adam Kenway

2nd          Joel Partington

3rd   Charlie Fisher



B Class

1st           Jerry Cross

2nd   Michael Kirkland

3rd   Phil Braybrooke Cheshire Mavericks


C Class  15 laps scratch      

1st   Paige Nutton

2nd   Hannah Davies      

3rd   Lloyd Dunet                          

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