02/05/2019 - Joel Partington Wins Gerald Pyatt Trophy on First League Night

The 2019 season of the Brooks Cycles Track League started on the 2nd May . The day had seen showers however it dried up ready for the start time  with good turnout of riders on a very cold evening at the Lyme Valley Velodrome, Newcastle under Lyme.

The night started with the Freewheelers League . After some very spirited racing the top points scores across the two groups were as follows;

Group 1 Noah Killeen Mid Shropshire Wheelers 9 Points Group 2 Max McKenzie Lyme RC 10 Points


The main league started with the first round of the 500m Handicap League. There was a blanket finish with long marker Thomas Alcock ( Newport CC) taking the win from Pete Humphries ( Brooks Cycles). In the other Sprinters League events the team sprint went to  Phil Houlton ( Brooks Cycles,) Harry Ledingham-Horn ( Lyme RC ) and and Thomas White (  Dimascio) .The sprint final saw a great win from British Cyclings ODA Sprinter Harry Ledingham-Horn  from Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles ) 

In the A Class Endurance events reining Champion  Thomas Bullock ( Newport CC) was the highest points scorer in winning the points race and devil. Joel Partington won the opening 10 laps scratch and then in the final race of the night won from a break of 5 that lapped the field to take the Gerald Pyatt Trophy Scratch Race. All prizes and the trophy was presented after the event by Gerald’s widow Millie. Gerald served the track for 36 years in various capacities and is greatly missed by all. 

The B Class races saw Josh Marsden ( Lyme RC ) have  great night in this new category for him in winning the final 20 laps scratch and the devil. Andrew Bonnett ( Uttoxeter CC) took the points race and Iain Davidson the opening 10 laps scratch. 

The C Class league which last year was so popular saw Phil Powell have a good night in winning the 6 laps scratch, devil and points race. Thomas Alcock took the opening scratch race in this category but was then moved to the B Class group.  

The most pleasing aspect of the night was the big turnout in the Youth category with 11 riders taking part. This was greatly helped by a large contingent from Newport CC who are really starting to see some good youngsters coming through their ranks. Thomas Alcock won the opening 200m TT before Thomas Wheaver ( Lynme RC) won the devil and 6 laps scratch races




Group 1 

Race 1

1st           Oscar Peel                                   Lyme RC

2nd          Harry Brayford                              Lyme RC

3rd          Minnie McKenzie                          Lyme RC


Race 2

1st           Noah Killeen                               Mid Shropshire Wheelers                               

2nd          George Morton                            Lyme RC

3rd           Minnie McKenzie


Race 3

1st           Oscar Peel

2nd          Noah Killeen

3rd           Harry Brayford


Race 4

1st          Noah Killeen

2nd         Minnie McKenzie

3rd          George Morton 



Group 2

Race 1

1st          Max McKenzie                                    Lyme RC

2nd          Lisa Jamison                                     Lyme RC            

3rd          Charlie Croft                                       Lyme RC

 Race 2

1st          Charlie Croft

2nd`        Lisa Jamison

3rd          Max McKenzie

Race 3

1st          Sam Ford                           Lyme RC

2nd         Max McKenzie

3rd          Lisa Jamison


Race 4

1st           Max McKenzie

2nd          Charlie Croft

3rd          Lisa Jamison




500m Handicap League

1st           Thomas Bullock                                  Newport CC   

2nd          Pete Humphries                                  Brooks Cycles

3rd           Chris Pyatt                                        Brooks Cycles

4th          Harry Ledingham-Horn                       Lyme RC

5th          Phil Houlton                                      Brooks Cycles

6th          Hannah Davis                                    Lyme RC


Youth 200m TT

1st           Thomas Alcock                           Lyme RC

2nd          Thomas Wheaver                       Lyme RC     

3rd           Seth Ireland                             Lyme RC

A Endurance 10 lap scratch

1st           Joel Partington                        Sportcity Velo

2nd          Thomas Bullock                       Newport CC    

3rd           Mark Love                              Born 2 Bike


B Class Scratch

1st Iain Davidson                                BC PM

2nd Andrew Bonnett                           Uttoxeter CC

3rd Josh Marsden                               Lyme RC


C Class Scratch

1st Thomas Alcock

2nd Phil Powell                                BC PM

3rd Darren Hughes                          Lyme RC



Sprinters League Team Sprint

1st           Phil Houlton

               Harry Ledingham-Horn

               Thomas White 

2nd          Pete Humphries                 Brooks Cycles

              Steve Cronshaw                 Brooks Cycles

              Joel Partington

3rd          Josh Spendelow                Brooks Cycles

              Chris Pyatt

Callum Evans Sportcity Velo


Youth Team sprint

1st         Seth Ireland                   Lyme RC

             Liam Campbell               Lyme RC

             Thomas Hyde                  Newport CC

            Noah Killeen                   Mid Shropshire Wheelers

            Sophie Jackson              Newport CC



A Class points

1st           Thomas Bullock

2nd          Iain Davidson

3rd           Mark Love


B Class Points

1st Andrew Bonnett

2nd Josh Marsden

3rd Richard Coates

C Class Points

1st Phil Powell

2nd Darren Hughes                            Lyme RC

3rd Duncan Mould 


Youth Devil

1st           Thomas Wheaver

2nd          Thomas Hyde

3rd           Seth Ireland


A Class Endurance Devil

1st           Thomas Bullock

2nd          Iain Davidson


B Class devil

1st Josh Marsden

2nd Richard Coates

3rd Andrew Bonnett


C Class Devil

1st Phil Powell

2nd Darren Hughes

3rd Duncan Mould


Sprint Final

1st           Harry Ledingham Horn

2nd          Josh Spendelow

3rd           Joel Partington


Youth Scratch

1st           Thomas Wheaver

2nd          Thomas Hyde

3rd           Seth Ireland


20 lap Scratch- For Gerald Pyatt Trophy

1st           Joel Partington

2nd          Harry Ledingham-Horn

3rd           Thomas Bullock



1st           Josh Marsden

2nd          Andrew Bonnett

3rd           Carl Allsop


C Class 6 Lap Scratch

1st          Phil Powell

2nd         Darren Hughes

3rd          Ken Warrilow                      Lyme RC

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