22/08/2019 - Attendances stay high at League

There was another good attendance at the Brooks Cycles Track League which took place Thursday 22nd August . Usually at this time of the year the attendances drop with the holiday season in full swing whereas this year they have stayed strong.  

The Freewheelers races  started the night with the top points scorers were as follows;

Group 1 Oscar Peel             Lyme RC 11 Points

Group 2 Charlie Croft Lyme RC             8 Points


In the  A Class endurance league overall leader Thomas Bullock ( Newport CC) returned from a week in France and showed the time away had done him good in winning the Course de prime, elimination and final 20 laps scratch race where he finished half a lap in front. The other A class race went to Ryan Greaves ( Lichfield CCC) in the 10 laps scartch. Ryan had a good night scoring well in a number of races. 

The sprinters league saw some close and competitive races with half lap wins  going to Harry Ledingham-Horn ( Backline Racing ) and Chris Pyatt ( Brooks Cycles) . The Team sprint saw Tom White ( Dimancio) Hayden Norris ( RST) and Chris Pyatt take the win. The main kern final saw a super fast race with Harry Ledingham-Horn just edging out Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles). 

In the B Class events  Paige Nutton ( Swinnerton Cycles) won the opening 10 laps scratch race before Andrew Bonnett ( Uttoxeter CC) won the Course de Primes and the 20 laps scratch . League leader Ross Hooley ( Innovation race Team ) won the the elimination race . 

The C League races saw another good group of riders with Dave Price ( Crewe Clarion) taking the 10 laps scratch and the Course de Primes. Karl Meredith ( RNRMC) won the        elimination and Gareth Croft ( Lyme RC ) won the final 4 laps scratch.  

The youth races saw  Thomas Wheaver ( Lyme RC) have another good night as he won the 400m TT, Keiren and course de primes. He also took the team sprint with Charlie Croft  ( Lyme RC) Leo Allen ( Newport CC0 and Oscar Peel ( Lyme RC ) 


Freewheelers Results 

Group 1 

Race 1

1st         Oscar Peel                                Lyme RC   

2nd       George Morton                          Lyme RC

3rd       Minnie McKenzie                         Lyme RC


Race 2

1st         Minnie McKenzie

2nd        Oscar Peel    

3rd        George Morton                            


Race 3

1st           Oscar Peel

2nd          George Morton

3rd           Sophie Griffiths                      


Race 4

1st           Minnie McKenzie

2nd          Oscar Peel

3rd          George Morton


Group 2


Race 1

1st Max McKenzie                   Lyme RC

2nd Charlie Croft                    Lyme RC


Race 2

1st Charlie Croft

2nd Max McKenzie


Race 3

1st Charlie Croft

2nd Max McKenzie


Race 4

1st Charlie Croft

2nd Max McKenzie







Sprinters League 200m Standing Starts Heat Winners

Chris Pyatt                             Brooks Cycles

Harry Ledingham-Horn            Blackline Racing



Youth 400m TT

1st Thomas Wheaver                Lyme RC

2nd Seth Ireland                      Lyme RC

3rd Oscar Peel                          Lyme RC


A Class Endurance 10 lap scratch

1st Ryan Greaves

2nd Thomas Bullock                  Newport CC

3rd Josh Marsden                      Lyme RC


B Class 10 Lap Scratch

1st Paige Nutton                        Swinnerton Cycles

2nd Ethan Wilmot                       Derby Mercury

3rd Ross Hooley                          Innovation RT


C Class 10 lap Scratch

1st Dave Price                            Crewe Clarion

2nd Karl Meredith                       RNRMC

3rd Phil Powell                           BC PM


Sprinters League Team Sprint

1st           Chris Pyatt

               Hayden Norris                     RST

               Tom White                          Dimascio



Youth Team Sprint

1st        Thomas Wheaver

            Leo Allen                               Newport CC

            Charlie Croft                           Lyme RC

           Oscar Peel                              Lyme RC



A Class Course De Primes

1st Thomas Bullock

2nd Ryan Greaves

3rd Josh Marsden


B Class Course de Primes

1st Andrew Bonnett

2nd Mike Boston

3rd Rob Taylor                       Crewe Clarion


C Class Course de Primes

1st Dave Price

2nd Karl Meredith

3rd Gareth Croft                       Lyme RC


Keirin Final

1st Harry Ledingham-Horn

2nd Josh Spendelow       

3rd Chris Pyatt

4th Hayden Norris

5th Thomas White

6th Paige Nutton


Youth Keiren

1st Thomas Wheaver

2nd Max Bufton                    Hafren CC

3rd Carys Greaves                Lichfield CCC


A Class Elimination

1st Thomas Bullock

2nd Ryan Greaves

3rd Josh Marsden



B Class Elimination

1st  Ross Hooley

2nd Rob Taylor                Crewe Clarion

3rd Mike Boston


C Class Elimination

1st Karl Meredith

2nd Dave Price

3rd Ken Warrilow            Lyme RC


Youth Course de Primes

1st Thomas Wheaver

2nd Seth Ireland

3rd Carys Blowers



20 lap Scratch

1st   Thomas Bullock

2nd   Ryan Greaves

3rd   Harry Ledingham-Horn


B  Class

1st           Andrew Bonnett

2nd          Ross Hooley

3rd           Graham Peel


C Class

1st        Gareth Croft

2nd       Karl Meredith

3rd        Phil Powell



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