03/09/2020 - Sunny Skies Return to league

Brooks Cycles Track League– 3rd September 2020
There was another big turnout on the last Thursday league with 71 riders attending .The league now moves to three sundays in September starting from this sunday where it is hoped the riders continue to support the league in such high numbers.

Sprinters 500m Handicap
Heat 1 (1.25 laps): 1st - Hayden Norris (Black Line)
2nd - Dan Cooper ( Team Terminator) 3rd - Thomas Alcock ( Lyme RC )
Heat 2 (1.25 laps):
1st - Harry Ledingham-Horn (Black Line)
2nd - Chris Pyatt ( Brooks Cycles)
3rd - Niall Monks (Glasgow Track Racing Club)

Youth Block Handicap (3 laps):
1st - Tom Jackson ( Newport CC )
2nd - Lily Brindle ( Sportcity Velo)
3rd - Charlie Croft ( Lyme RC )

Endurance A Elimination:
1st - Ryan Greaves (Hubb Ribble Performance Academy)
2nd -Peter Drabble (WORX Factory Racing)
3rd - Ben Marsh ( WORX Factory Racing)

Endurance B Elimination:
1st - Steve Cronshaw ( Brooks Cycles)
2nd -Fred Shenton-McQueen ( Beeston CC)
3rd - Max Bufton ( Hafron CC)

Endurance C Elimination:
1st - Phil Powell ( PM)
2nd - Bob Barber ( Southend CC)
3rd - Darren Hughes ( Lyme RC )

Sprinters Flying Team Sprint (2.5 laps):
1st - Dan Cooper, Niall Monks, Thomas Alcock 36.44
2nd- Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles) Hannah Davis ( Backline Racing ) Harry Ledingham -Horn 37.53
3rd - Hayden Norris, Don Pieris ( Glasgow Track Cycling Club), Anna Whiteworth-Hay 38.97

Youth Points
1st - Lily Brindle
2nd - Tom Jackson
3rd - Xander Brandon-Higgs ( Hafron CC)

Endurance A Points Race
1st - Harry Jordan
2nd - Ryan Greaves
3rd - Rory Knowles Cero- Cycle Division RT

Endurance B Points Race
1st - Andrew Bonnett ( Uttoxeter CC)
2nd- Ester Wong (Cog Set Papyrus Race Club )
3rd - Max Bufton

Endurance C Points Race
1st - Dave Lane ( Ravensthorpe CC)
2nd- Bob Barber
3rd - Gareth Croft ( Lyme RC )

Youth Scratch
1st - Lily Brindle
2nd -Liam Campbell ( Lyme RC)
3rd - Tom Jackson

Endurance C Scratch
1st- Bob Barber
2nd - Phil Powell
3rd - Dave Lane

Endurance B Scratch
1st- Andrew Bonnett
2nd- Steve Cronshaw
3rd - Daniel Gooding ( Cheshire Mavericks)

Endurance A Scratch
1st- Harrison Hunter
2nd - Ryan Brooks ( Halesowen A& ACC)

3rd -Ryan Greaves 

Sprint Final
1st - Harry Ledingham-Horn
2nd - Hayden Norris
3rd - Dan Cooper

Minor Final
1st- Niall Monks
2nd- Josh Spendelow
3rd - Thomas Alcock

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