13/09/2020 - Sun returns to League Event

Brooks Cycles Track League– 13th September 2020
The second sunday league meeting took place at the Brooks Cycles Track League at Newcastle Under Lyme in conditions more like the middle of summer as temperatures soared in to the mid 20’s. There was a good turnout of 70 riders in the league with the Team Breeze riders making a welcome return to the track .

Sprinters 500m Handicap
1st - Hayden Norris, Blackline Sprinting
2nd- Harry Ledingham-Horn, Blackline Sprinting
3rd- Ed Lowe,  Blackline Sprinting

Youth Block Handicap (3 laps):
1st - Thomas Jackson ( Newport CC )
2nd - Samuel Abbott ( Wyre Forest CRC)
3rd - Lucas McCann ( Newport CC)

Endurance A 10 lap Scratch
1st -Harrison Hunter
2nd - Ryan Greaves (Hubb Ribble Performance Academy)
3rd - Farley Barber ( Spirit Tifosi Racing Team )

Endurance B 10 lap Scratch
1st - Steve Cronshaw ( Brooks Cycles)
2nd- Daniel Gooding ( Cheshire Mavericks)
3rd - Ester Wong ( Cog Set Papyrus Race Team )

Endurance C 6 lap Scratch
1st- Adrian Derbyshire ( Leek CC)
2nd - Adrian Trott ( Cheshire Mavericks)
3rd - Phil Powell

Sprinters Flying Team Sprint (1.5 laps):
1st - Hayden Norris, Harry Ledingham-Horn, Ed Low 35.75
2nd- Chris Pyatt, Josh Spendelow, (Brooks Cycles), Tom Alcock ( Lyme RC ) 37.21

1st- Paul Sydenham ( Brooks Cycles) Julie Cooper ( Born to Bike ) 26.31
2nd- Pete Humphries (Brooks Cycles ) Dave Hughes ( Beacon RC) 26.82

Youth Devil
1st -Thomas Jackson
2nd - Samuel Abbott ( Wyre Forest CRC)
3rd - Leo Allen ( Newport CC)

Endurance A Devil
1st - Farley Barber
2nd- Harrison Hunter
3rd-Josh Marsden ( Innovation RT )

Endurance B Devil
1st - Daniel Gooding ( Cheshire Mavericks)
2nd- Max Bufton ( Hafron CC)
3rd- Thomas Wheaver ( Lyme RC )

Endurance C Devil
1st - Adrian Trott
2nd- Adrian Derbyshire
3rd - Phil Powell

Youth Course De Primes
1st - Thomas Jackson
2nd- James Trippier ( Newport CC)
3rd- Leo Allen

A Class Course De Primes
1st- Harrison Hunter
2nd- Edward Hopkins ( Ceo -Cycle Division RT )
3rd - Farley Barber

B Class Course de Primes
1st- Max Bufton ( Hafren CC)
2nd- Daniel Gooding
3rd - Duncan Wood ( Quibell VeloSport)

C Class Course de Primes
1st Rachel Crew ( Watt Bike)
2nd - Adrian Trott
3rd - Darren Hughes ( Lyme RC)

Kierin Minor Final
1st- Dave Hughes
2nd- Paul Sydenham
3rd- Julie Cooper

1st - Hayden Norris
2nd- Harry Ledingham-Horn
3rd- Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles )

Youth Scratch
1st - Thomas Jackson
2nd -Samuel Abbott
3rd- Sofia Brandon-Higgs ( Hafren CC)
C Class 6 lap Scratch
1st- Adrian Derbyshire
2nd- Adrian Trott
3rd- Gareth Croft ( Lyme RC)

B Class 17 lap Scratch
1st- Daniel Gooding
2nd- Steve Cronshaw
3rd - Thomas Wheaver

A Class 25 Lap Scratch
1st- Harrison Hunter
2nd- Josh Marsden
3rd- Ryan Greaves

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