27/05/2021 - Sunny Skies for first meeting

Brooks Cycles Track League– 27th May 2021

After the first three track leagues were cancelled due to rain the 2021 season finally got underway under blue skies. A full programme of racing took place with some great racing across all 4 groups. There was a good turn out of 55 riders and its hoped that with the long range forecast looking good the attendances will increase over the coming weeks

Hopefully see everyone next week  

Sprinters 500m Handicap
1st - Anna Whiqeworth-Hay ( JRC-Shutt-Ridley RT)
2nd - Hannah Davis ( Blackline Sprinting)
3rd - Harry Ledingham-Horn ( Backline Sprinting )

Youth Block Handicap (3 laps):
1st - Ethan Campbell ( Newport CC )
2nd - Leo Allen ( Newport CC )
3rd - Xander Brandon-Higgs ( Hafren CC)

Endurance A Elimination
1st - Josh Marsden ( Innovation RT)
2nd -Ross Hooley ( Innovation RT )
3rd - Max Bufton ( Hafren CC)

Endurance B Elimination
1st - Jacob Gilkes ( Lichfield CCC)
2nd -Andrew Bonnett ( Uttoxeter CC)
3rd -Thomas Wheaver ( Lyme RC)

Endurance C Elimination
1st - Adrain Trott ( Cheshire Mavericks)
2nd - Richard Coates ( Leek CC )
3rd - Rachell Crew ( wattbike.com)

Sprinters Flying 3 -Up Team Sprint
1st -Anna Whiteworth-Hay, Chris Pyatt ( Brooke Cycles) Thomas Alcock ( Lyme RC)
2nd- Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles) Hannah Davis ( Backline Sprinting) Paul Sydenham ( Brooks Cycles)
3rd - Don Miles Pieris ( Glasgow Track Racing Club) Harry Ledingham-Horn, Pete Humphries ( Brooks Cycles)

Youth Points
1st - Sophia Brandon-Higgs ( Hafron CC)
2nd - Alissa Jamieson ( Lyme RC )
3rd - Leo Allen

Endurance A Points
1st- Peter Drabble (Worx Factory RT)
2nd -Ross Hooley
3rd - Alex Coates (Leek CC)

Endurance B Points
1st- Jacob Gilkes
2nd- Andrew Bonnett
3rd -Martin Alcock (Lyme RC)

Endurance C Points
1st - Adrian Trott
2nd- Gareth Croft (Lyme RC)
3rd - Jamie Trippier (Newport CC)

Youth Scratch
1st - Sophia Brandon-Higgs
2nd- Ethan Campbell
3rd- Xander Brandon-Higgs

Endurance A Scratch
1st- Harry Ledingham-Horn
2nd -Peter Drabble
3rd - Josh Marsden

Endurance B Scratch
1st- Andrew Bonnett
2nd- Thomas Wheavert
3rd - Martin Alcock

Endurance C Scratch
1st- Adrian Trott
2nd- Richard Coates
3rd - Jamie Trippier

1st - Harry Ledingham-Horn
2nd -Josh Spendeolw
3rd - Chris Pyatt

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