20/06/2010 – Midsummer Track Open

Round two of the National Sprinters League took place at Newcastle-Under-Lyme cycle track in Staffordshire on Sunday, 20th June 2010 with the Brian Rourke Cycles Sprinters League being the main event of the day. Proceedings started on a glorious sunny day with a blistering fast 200m qualifying time trial from John Paul of the City of Edinburgh who was fastest and not far from the track record, which on a windy day was impressive 

There was drama in all of the first rounds of the completion. In the first heat Tom Gregory disposed of No-1 seed John Paul who had to win his way back through the reps. In the second heat local rider Thomas Powel who in his first year concentrating on the sprint, again with no respect for the top seeds beat the fast Miles Stovoid and Matthew Rotherham. In the third heat of the first round there was a mighty tussle in the back straight, between Lee Povey and Andrew Tranter, both bouncing off each other to both crash heavily and ending up in hospital. Luckily both were later discharged. Lee dislocated is shoulder and Andrew broke his collarbone and concussion. 

In the second round Lewis Olivia made fault less progress to the final along with John Pau who had to come back through the reps. 

The match sprint final saw john Paul jump past Lewis Olivia in the back straight, unsettling Lewis for John Paul to win the Brian Rourke Cycles Sprinters League completion. 

The four up minor final had good action with Tom Powell with good speed, power his way around the three other riders but just not able to hold off fast finishing Callum Skinner then Tom Gregory. 

In the other main event of the day the Newcastle Track 20km Grand Prix Scratch Race over 50 Laps, this was Part of the British Cycling “HARD TRACK ENDURANCE LEAGUE” was fast and furious in a large bunch. With so many sprinters at this meeting the endurance riders were determined to ensure it did not end in a bunch sprint. Numerous attacks went of the front but with the high pace they did not succeed. With 3 laps to go Bryan Taylor took his chance and powered away from the bunch to take a quarter of a lap on his chasers. With the sprinters in the group looking around, Brian kept the gap and with one lap to go Callum Skinner blasted away from the bunch to try to catch Bryan but Brian Taylor just did not slow down to win comfortably from Callum Skinner with John McClelland winning the bunch sprint. 

In the other sprint completion 30 sprinters battled it out in the “www.velodrome.org.uk” Sprint Championship, through 3 rounds and 3 repercharges. Those 30 sprinters were whittled down to a two up final with local rider Phil Houlton surprising some but not himself to win his way through the completion with a brilliant display of sprinting to be up against a very fast and on form Tom Baker. Tom won the competition by powering over Phil Houlton to win the “www.velodrome.org.uk” Sprint Championship. In the minor final John McClelland used all of his experience to beat young and fast Sassan Emadi of Brian Rourke Cycles. 

Report and Results courtesy of Organiser Steve Cronshaw 

Brian Rourke Cycles Sprinters League 

Time Trial Results
Name Club TIME Position
John Paul City of Edinburgh RC 11.16 1
Callum Skinner City of Edinburgh RC 11.21 2
Miles Stovold Team Terminator 11.31 3
Lewis Olivia BCDS 11.46 4
Lee Povey Team Terminator 11.50 5
Matthew Rotherham Sport City Velo 11.55 6
Miles Anon Team Terminator 11.56 7
Leuan Williams CC Cardiff 11.58 8
Andrew Tranter Halesowen 11.64 9
Thomas Powell Newcastle RC 2001 11.77 10
Michael Partridge CC Cardiff 11.80 11
Tom Gregory Halesowen 11.82 12
Tom Baker Halesowen 11.98 13
Jim Varnish Halesowen 12.00 14
Rowan Elliot VC St Raphael 12.03 15
Maher Al-Ausi VC St Raphael 12.09 16
David Le Grys Team Terminator 12.18 17
Keith Williams Port Talbot Whlrs. CC 12.53 18
Neil Withington VC St Raphael 12.59 19
Graeme Waters Retford & District Whls 12.87 20
Sam Easterbrook Loughborough University 13.19 21

Brian Rourke Cycles Sprinters League 
1st Round
Heat 1 1st 28-Tom -Gregory-Halesowen, 43-John-Paul-City of Edinburgh RC, 66-Leuan-Williams-CC Cardiff, 12.78.
Heat 2 1st 54-Callum-Skinner-City of Edinburgh RC, 4-Miles-Anon-Team Terminator, 42-Michael-Partridge-CC Cardiff 11.56.
Heat 3 1st 47-Thomas-Powell-Newcastle RC 2001, 50-Matthew-Rotherham-Sport City Velo, 57-Miles-Stovold-Team Terminator 12.18
Heat 4 1st 39-Lewis -Olivia-BCDS, (46-Lee-Povey-Team Terminator, 59-Andrew-Tranter-Halesowen, Crashed out).14.63

1st Round Reps 
Rep Heat 1 1st 43-John-Paul, 50-Matthew-Rotherham, 4-Miles-Anon. 12.20
Rep Heat 2 1st 42-Michael-Partridge, 57-Miles-Stovold, 66-Leuan-Williams 11.60

2nd Round 
Heat 1 1st 39-Lewis –Olivia, 42-Michael-Partridge, 28-Tom –Gregory.11.7
Heat 2 1st43-John-Paul, 47-Thomas-Powell, 54-Callum-Skinner.11.85.

Brian Rourke Cycles Sprinters League 
1st43-John-Paul 2nd 39-Lewis –Olivia

Minor Final
3rd 54-Callum-Skinner 4th 28-Tom –Gregory 5th 42-Michael-Partridge 6th47-Thomas-Powell

Newcastle Track 20km Grand Prix Scratch Race 50 Laps
Part of the British Cycling “HARD TRACK ENDURANCE LEAGUE” 
1st 58-Bryan-Taylor-VC Londres
2nd 54-Callum-Skinner-City of Edinburgh RC
3rd 37-John -McClelland-Agiskoviner.com
4th 10-David-Brearley-Cottingham Coureurs
5th 66-Leuan-Williams-CC Cardiff
6th 2-Maher-Al-Ausi-VC St Raphael
7th 48-Richard-Prince-Planet X
8th 14-Guy-Cook-Chesterfield Coureurs
9th 33-Andy-Jackson-Go sports spex RT
10th 67-Neil-Withington-VC St Raphael
11th 13-Stephen-Clayton-Lichfield City CC
12th 1-Adrian-Adgar-Dinnington RC

The “www.velodrome.org.uk” Sprint Championship 
Round 1.
Heat 1 1st 6-Tom -Baker-Halesowen, 24-Sassan-Emadi-Tunstall Whls-Brian, 20-Steve-Davies-Ferryhill Wheelers, 81-Alex-Taylor-Sports City. 12.00
Heat 2 1st 60-Jim-Varnish-Halesowen, 27-Paul-Gittins-Ferryhill Wheelers, 64-John -Williams-Team Terminator. 12.75
Heat 3 1st 12-James-Carlson-PM, 22-Rowan-Elliot-VC St Raphael, 31-Joffie-Houlton-Lyme RC, 56-Thomas-Sparkes-Team Terminator. 12.41
Heat 4 1st 32-Phil-Houlton-Newcastle RC 2001, 2-Maher-Al-Ausi-VC St Raphael, 8-Jessica-Booth-Halesowen, 52-Helen-Scott-Halesowen.12.26
Heat 5 1st 35-David-Le Grys-Team Terminator, 33-Andy-Jackson-Go sports spex RT, 51-Louise-Satherley-Yasumitsu Schlapp. (17-Steve -Cronshaw-Brereton Whls was relegated from 1st for taking an inside line in the sprinters line) 12.77
Heat 6 1st 37-John -McClelland-Agiskoviner.com, 65-Keith-Williams-Port Talbot Whlrs. CC, 21-Sam-Easterbrook-Loughborough University, 49-Steve-Pulford-Sherwood Pines, 36-Robert-Mace-Sheffield Stars CSC. 12.56.
Heat 7 1st 82-Ryan-Whatmough-Shepherds Cycles, 67-Neil-Withington-VC St Raphael, 61-Graeme-Waters-Retford & District Whls, 40-Dave-Orrell-Yasumitsu Schlapp. 12.49

Round 1. Repercharge.
Heat 1 1st 24-Sassan-Emadi, 33-Andy-Jackson, 36-Robert-Mace, 40-Dave-Orrell, 67-Neil-Withington. 12.52
Heat 2 1st 21-Sam-Easterbrook, 64-John –Williams, 20-Steve-Davies, 51-Louise-Satherley. 12.72
Heat 3 1st 22-Rowan-Elliot, 49-Steve-Pulford, 81-Alex-Taylor-Sports City, 8-Jessica-Booth. 12.22
Heat 4 1st 56-Thomas-Sparkes, 2-Maher-Al-Ausi, 65-Keith-Williams, 67-Neil-Withington. 12.15.
Heat 5 1st 17-Steve –Cronshaw, 61-Graeme-Waters, 31-Joffie-Houlton, 52-Helen-Scott. 12.94

Round 2.
Heat 1 1st 6-Tom –Baker, 17-Steve -Cronshaw , 21-Sam-Easterbrook.12.25
Heat 2 1st 22-Rowan-Elliot, 60-Jim-Varnish, 82-Ryan-Whatmough. 12.25
Heat 3 1st 37-John –McClelland, 56-Thomas-Sparkes, 12-James-Carlson. 12.20
Heat 4 1st 24-Sassan-Emadi, 32-Phil-Houlton. 12.28

Round 2. Repercharge.
Heat 1 1st James-Carlson, Steve –Cronshaw, Ryan-Whatmough
Heat 2 1st Phil-Houlton, Jim-Varnish, Thomas-Sparkes, Sam-Easterbrook

Round 3
Heat 1 1st Tom –Baker, Sassan-Emadi, James-Carlson
Heat 2 1st Phil-Houlton, John –McClelland, Rowan-Elliot

The “www.velodrome.org.uk” Sprint Championship 
Final 1st Tom –Baker 2nd Phil-Houlton
Minor Final 3rd John –McClelland 4th Sassan-Emadi

Women & B’s 12 Lap Scratch 
1st 50-Matthew-Rotherham-Sport City Velo
2nd 18-Simon-Crouch-Planet X
3rd 20-Steve-Davies-Ferryhill Wheelers
4th 52-Helen-Scott-Halesowen
5th 53-Martyn-Shaw-Lyme RC
6th 8-Jessica-Booth-Halesowen

‘A’ Endurance Riders 10 Lap Course–de-Primes
Lap Winners
13-Stephen-Clayton-Lichfield City CC
45-Julian-Pearson-Team Wallis-CHH
23-Ben-Elliott-VC St Raphael
28-Tom -Gregory-Halesowen
28-Tom -Gregory-Halesowen
38-James-Notley-Team Goldtec 
38-James-Notley-Team Goldtec 
10-David-Brearley-Cottingham Coureurs
48-Richard-Prince-Planet X
Last Lap = 48-Richard-Prince-Planet X

’ B’s Devil take the Hindmost
1st 50-Matthew-Rotherham-Sport City Velo
2nd 52-Helen-Scott-Halesowen
3rd 53-Martyn-Shaw-Lyme RC
4th 40-Dave-Orrell-Yasumitsu Schlapp
5th 20-Steve-Davies-Ferryhill Wheelers
6th 8-Jessica-Booth-Halesowen

Woman’s 6-Lap Scratch
1st 52-Helen-Scott-Halesowen
2nd 8-Jessica-Booth-Halesowen
3rd 51-Louise-Satherley-Yasumitsu Schlapp
4th 30-Christine-Higgs-Macclesfield Wheelers
5th 41-Cheryl-Owens-GS Metro

‘A’ Endurance Riders Points Race 10 Laps
1st 58-Bryan-Taylor-VC Londres
2nd 28-Tom -Gregory-Halesowen
3rd 38-James-Notley-Team Goldtec 
4th 34-Robert -Lambton-Newport Shopshire CC
5th 9-John-Brearley-Scunthorpe Poly CC

Sprinters Win & Out
1st 57-Miles-Stovold-Team Terminator
2nd 66-Leuan-Williams-CC Cardiff
3rd 50-Matthew-Rotherham-Sport City Velo

Women & B Men riders Only Win & Out
1st 8-Jessica-Booth-Halesowen
2nd 52-Helen-Scott-Halesowen
3rd 53-Martyn-Shaw-Lyme RC

‘A’ Endurance Riders Devil take the Hindmost
1st 28-Tom -Gregory-Halesowen
2nd 38-James-Notley-Team Goldtec 
3rd 48-Richard-Prince-Planet X
4th 9-John-Brearley-Scunthorpe Poly CC
5th 34-Robert -Lambton-Newport Shopshire CC
6th 63-Paul-Whatmough-Shepherds Cycles

Women & B’s 10 Lap Course–de-Primes
1st 56-Thomas-Sparkes-Team Terminator
Lap Winners
22-Rowan-Elliot-VC St Raphael
56-Thomas-Sparkes-Team Terminator
56-Thomas-Sparkes-Team Terminator
56-Thomas-Sparkes-Team Terminator
56-Thomas-Sparkes-Team Terminator
50-Matthew-Rotherham-Sport City Velo
50-Matthew-Rotherham-Sport City Velo
20-Steve-Davies-Ferryhill Wheelers
50-Matthew-Rotherham-Sport City Velo

Youth A 
1st 82-Ryan-Whatmough-Shepherds Cycles
2nd Sean-Mayer-Lyme RC 
3rd Samuel-Birchall-Lyme RC

Youth B 
1st Joel-Partington-Eastlands Velo
2nd Joe-Pattison-Lyme RC 
3rd Thomas-Rotherham-Eastlands Velo