Newcastle Track Cycling Association FAQ

Welcome to Newcastle Track Cycling Associations Lyme Valley Velodrome. The current track was resurfaced in 2004 following a successful Lottery Application of £250,000. We now have as a result of these improvements the best outdoor track in the Country. The track is 400m in distance with a banking of 31 degrees in the bends. Our aim is to encourage people of any age to take up the sport of track cycling whether it be for fitness or for competitive aspirations. We cater for age groups of 8 years and upwards with the emphasis being on the enjoyment of this great sport. The Velodrome has been here since 1956 and has over the years produced many Olympic, World and National Champions. Since the introduction of our youth programme 7 years ago we have so far placed six riders on the National Youth Squad with National Titles won and countless medals gained at National Youth Championships. The best rule to apply is that if you are unsure about anything then ask. Our coaches and officials will only be too glad to speak to you. Here are a number of frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a Member to ride the Track ?

Answer = No, anyone can ride the training sessions.

What clothing should I wear and do I need to bring anything with me ?

Answer = If you have cycling clothing then bring it along. Make sure you have warm clothing as it can get cold later in the evening. If you are new to the sport then a tracksuit top and trousers will be alright. If you want to ride your own pedals then bring them with you cycling shoes otherwise wear training shoes.

How much does it cost to ride ?

Answer = For training nights it is £4 for under 16s  and for over 18 years it is £6 with a charge of £4 if you want to hire a bike.

When are the Training Nights ?

Answer = The track opens on the 20th April for the summer and continues to mid September. Monday nights are for 16 years and under and novice riders of any age. The sessions start at 6.30pm and continue to dusk. Tuesday Nights are for experienced riders and include sprint and endurance training. Again this starts at 6.30pm. Don’t worry if you are a little late as you can pick up the session as the evening goes along.

What is the best time to get there ?

Answer = Try and get there for 6.15pm as this gives you time to sign on and get you bike sorted.

If I want to join a club who should I join ?

Answer = There are many cycling clubs around our area which can be found on the Club finder page of the British Cycling Website. If you live locally we recommend the Lyme RC with the club contact being Sue Jones on 01782 852163 The Lyme is excellent and hss a youth section, which is very active.

Are your coaches Qualified ?

Answer = At every training session there will be at least one fully qualified Level Two Coach. There will also be trainee coaches in attendance. We also have two Level Two Track specific coaches. They are some of the only such qualified in the country. In total we have eight coaches.

Are there any races at the Track that I can compete in ?

Answer = Yes, we have racing every Thursday from the end of April until the first Thursday in September. Events start at 6.30pm with half an hour of Freewheelers racing. This is for under 16 years with riders competing on either road, mountain or BMX bikes. The main league starts at 7 pm with a warm up until 7.20pm when the racing starts. This event is for track bikes only and is for all age groups.

Do I need a licence to race in the Freewheelers or be in a club ?

Answer = No, you don’t need a licence or to be a member of a club.

Do I need a licence for the main league and be a member of a club ?

Answer = Yes you need a licence which you can get by ringing British Cycling on 08708712000 and asking for membership services. You don’t have to be a member of a club to race.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct can be viewed by clicking here

Can you ride in the rain ?

Answer = No, if the track is wet we do not ride as the surface becomes slippery, 

Are there other events I can ride other than at Newcastle ?

Answer = Yes, there are Open events around the Region and Country every weekend during the summer. Details can be found on British Cycling Website. Entry forms are also contained here.

Do you run any events during the winter ?

Answer = Yes we do run Roller events, our annual prize presentation evening and a Quiz Night. During the winter we hope you get involved with one of the local clubs activities.

How to find us.

Lyme Valley Stadium, off Buckmaster Avenue, Newcastle ST5 3BX
Follow small sign to Newcastle Town FC

We hope you enjoy your time at the Track and look forward to seeing you down here many times throughout the season.