19/05/2022 – Strong Attendance at League

Brooks Cycles Track League– 19th May 2022

After the weeks two training sessions being cancelled due to rain week 3 of the Brooks Cycles Track League of 2022 took place on Thursday 19th May under warm sunny skies. This week some some new rider compete taking this years registered riders to 67 which is great to see.

As in previous weeks the last few races ended under floodlights which always adds a new dynamic to the racing and one that the riders all enjoy.

The results were as follows;

Sprinters 200m  Handicap Standing Starts
Heat winners
Thomas Wheaver ( Lyme RC) , Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles), Bram Ottewell ( BCC Race Team )  Chris Pyatt ( Brooks Cycles)

Youth Block Handicap
1st -Tom Baskerville ( Eastlands Velo)
2nd – Charlie Croft ( Eastlands Velo)
3rd- Charlie Baker ( Lyme RC )

Endurance C Scratch
1st- Adrian Trott ( Cheshire Mavericks)
2nd- Martin Pettitt ( Coalville Wheelers)
3rd- James Heath ( U/A)

Endurance A Scratch
1st – Josh Marsden ( Stolen Goat)
2nd – Sidney Wilson ( Derby Mercury)
3rd -Henry Baker-Pine (BCC Race Team)

Endurance B Scratch
1st – Andrew Bonnett ( Velospeed Cycling Club)
2nd  -Martin Alcock ( Lyme RC)
3rd – Thomas Jackson( Newport CC)

Sprinters 2 up Flying Lap
1st – Glenn Manifold ( Holmes Chapel Velo) Paul Sydenham ( Brooks Cycles)
2nd- Bram Oftewel, Thomas Wheaver ( Lyme RC)
3rd -Scott Slorach ( Blackline Sprinting ) Phil Lomas ( Sportcity Velo)

Youth Elimination
1st – Thomas Baskerville
2nd -Charlie Croft
3rd – Ben Bramford -Hale ( Newport CC)

A Endurance Elimination
1st- Josh Marsden
2nd -Henry Baker-Pine
3rd- Albie Jones ( North Cheshire Clarion)

Endurance B Elimination
1st- Aidan Pettitt ( Coalville Wheelers)
2nd- Thomas Jackson
3rd -Steve Parsonage ( Uttoxeter CC)

Endurance C Elimination
1st – Adrian Trott
2nd- James Heath
3rd – Martin Pettitt

Youth Kierin
1st – Tom Baskerville
2nd- Charlie Croft
3rd – Ben Bramford-Hale

Endurance A Points
1st- Josh Marsden
2nd -Sidney Wilson
3rd- Henry Baker-Pine

Endurance B Points
1st- Martin Alcock
2nd- Andrew Bonnett
3rd -Thomas Jackson

Endurance C Points
1st- James Heath
2nd- Martin Pettitt
3rd – Adrian Trott

Kierin Final
1st- Thomas Alcock ( Backline Sprinting)
2nd-Josh Spendelow
3rd- Chris Pyatt
4th – Glen Manifold
5th – Bram Oftewel
6th – Phil Lomas

Youth Scratch
1st- Hope Ryan ( Sportcity Velo)
2nd – Ben Bramford-Hale
3rd – Finn McCann ( Newport CC)

Endurance C Scratch
1st – James Heath
2nd – Martin Pettitt
3rd- Adrian Trott

Endurance B Scratch
1st – Martin Alcock
2nd – Andrew Bonnett
3rd – Harry Cheung ( U/A)

Endurance A Scratch
1st -Sidney Wilson
2nd – Josh Marsden
3rd – Albie Jones.