09/06/2022 – Track Dries for Round 6 of Track League

Brooks Cycles Track League– 9th June 2022

The rain clouds disappeared early enough for the track to dry and the latest round of the Brooks Cycles Track League  took place under warm sunny skies. Despite the uncertainty of the event 42 riders turned up and contested the full program of events. The most pleasing aspect of the night was seeing 10 riders contest the youth league and also the start of the 2022 Freewheelers League.

The results were as follows;

Freewheelers League

Race 1- 200m TT
1st- Fay Jackson ( Newport CC)
2nd- Jessica Griffiths ( Lyme RC )
3rd – Jenson Walker ( Newport CC)

Race 2 – 1 lap handicap
1st- Jenson Walker
2nd- Jessica Griffiths
3rd- Fay Jackson

Race 3- 2 lap H’cap
1st- Jenson Walker
2nd- Fay Jackson
3rd- Jessica Griffiths

Race 4 – 1 łap H’Cap
1st- Fay Jackson
2nd- Jessica Griffiths
3rd- Jenson Walker

Race 5- 1 lap H’Cap
1st- Fay Jackson
2nd- Jessica Griffiths
3rd- Jenson Walker

Main League

Sprinters 500m Handicap
1st -Glen Manifold ( Holmes Chapel Velo)
2nd-Jack Pearson ( BCC Race Team)
3rd – Josh Dunham ( VC St Raphael)
4th -Thomas Alcock ( Backline Sprinting)
5th- Hannah Davis ( Blackline Sprinting)
6th- Chris Pyatt ( Brooks Cycles)

Youth Block Handicap
1st – Finn McCann ( Newport CC)
2nd -Finley Bell ( Newport CC)
3rd- Lucas McCann ( Newport CC)

Endurance C Scratch
1st- James Heath ( U/A)
2nd- Adrian Trott ( Cheshire Mavericks)
3rd- Martin Pettitt ( Coalville Wheelers CC)

Endurance A Scratch
1st – Josh Marsden ( Stolen Goat)
2nd -Iain Davidson ( U/A)

Endurance B Scratch
1st – Martin Alcock ( Lyme RC)
2nd  -Harry Cheung ( Velo6 Racing)
3rd – Tom Jackson ( Newport CC)

Sprinters Team Sprint
1st – Jack Pearson, Josh Dunham, Thea Lee ( Newport CC)
2nd- Thomas White ( Dimancio ) Phil Lomas ( Sportcity Velo) Josh Dunham
3rd -Chris Pyatt, Hannah Davis, Glen Manifold

Youth Team Sprint
1st – Finn McCann, Lucas McCann, James Trippier ( Newport CC), Tom Baskerville ( Eastlands Velo, Charlie Croft ( Eastlands Velo )

A Endurance Elimination
1st- Josh Marsden
2nd -Iain Davidson

Endurance B Elimination
1st- Harry Cheung
2nd- Tom Jackson
3rd -Nathan Pettitt ( Coalville Wheelers)

Endurance C Elimination
1st – Robert Barber ( Southend Wheelers
2nd- Martin Pettitt
2nd- Adrian Trott

Youth Win and Out
1st – Tom Baskerville
2nd- Lucas McCann
3rd – Charlie Croft

Endurance A Win and Out
1st- Josh Marsden
2nd -Iain Davidson

Endurance B Win and Out
1st- Harry Cheung
2nd- Martin Alcock
3rd -Aidan Pettitt

Endurance C Win and Out
1st- Robert Barber
2nd- Martin Pettitt
3rd – Adrian Trott

Sprint Final
1st- Tom Alcock
2nd-Jack Pearson
3rd- Phil Lomas

Youth Scratch H’Cap
1st- Finn McCann
2nd – Finlay Bell ( Newport CC)
3rd – Charlie Croft

Endurance C Scratch
1st – James Heath
2nd – Robert Barber
3rd- Adrian Trott

Endurance B Scratch
1st – Martin Alcock
2nd – Cerys Greaves ( Lichfield CCC)
3rd – Nathan Pettitt

Endurance A Scratch
1st -Josh Marsden
2nd – Iain Davidson