11/08/2022 – Hot Hot Hot at Track League Night


Brooks Cycles Track League– 11th August 2022

It was a hot one on week 15 of the Brooks Cycles Track League on the 11th August. With temperatures still in the 30’s as the league started it was a tough one however the riders put on a great show and all rode well.

The results were as follows;

Main League

Sprinters 500m Handicap
1st -Hannah Davis ( Blackline Sprinting )
2nd-John Hughes ( Backline Sprinting )
3rd – Luke McCormick ( Sportcity Velo)
4th- Glenn Manifold ( Holmes Chapel Velo)
5th- Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles)
6th- Phil Lomas ( Sportcity Velo)

Youth 400m TT
1st- Charlie Croft ( Eastlands Velo )
2nd- Xander Brandon-Higgs ( Hafren CC)
3rd- Isaac Swarbrick( Eastlands Velo)

Endurance C Scratch
1st- Thomas Mould ( Lyme RC )
2nd- Stephen Brindle ( Lyme RC)
3rd-Gareth Croft ( Lyme RC )

Endurance A Scratch
1st – Josh Marsden ( Stolen Goat RT)
2nd -Iain Davidson ( U/A)

Endurance B Scratch

1st  -Alex Bayliss ( Lyme RC)
2nd- Steve Cronshaw ( Brooks Cycles)
3rd – Reuban Blakeman ( Derby Mercury )

Sprinters 2 Up

1st Glenn Manifold and John Hughes

2nd Hannah Davis and Josh Spendelow

3rd Pete Humphries and Phil Lomas

Youth Team Sprint
1st – Charlie Croft and Hope Ryan ( Sportcity Velo)

Endurance A Elimination
1st- Josh Marsden
2nd -Iain Davidson

Endurance B Elimination
1st- Alex Bayliss
2nd- Reuban Blakeman
3rd – Nathan Pettitt ( Coalville Wheelers

Endurance C Elimination
1st- Martin Pettitt ( Coalville Wheelers)
2nd- Adrian Trott ( Cheshire Mavericks
3rd- Thomas Mould

Sprint Final
1st- John Hughes
2nd-Glenn Manifold
3rd- Phil Lomas

Youth Win and Out
1st- Xander Brandon-Higgs
2nd – Charlie Croft
3rd – Hope Ryan

Endurance C Win and Out
1st- Martin Pettitt
2nd – Adrian Trott
3rd- Thomas Mould

Endurance B Win and Out
1st – Steve Cronshaw
2nd – Alex Bayliss
3rd – Reuban Blakeman

Endurance A Win and Out
1st – Iain Davidson
2nd -Josh Marsden

Youth Scratch
1st- Charlie Croft
2nd- Xander Brandon-Higgs
3rd- Hope Ryan

Endurance C Scratch
1st- Martin Pettitt
2nd- Adrian Trott
3rd- Darren Hughes

Endurance B Scratch
1st- Alex Bayliss
2nd – Nathan Pettitt
3rd – Aidan Pettitt

Endurance A Scratch
1st-Josh Marsden
2nd – Iain Davidson
3rd- Phil Lomas