25/08/2022 – Penultimate League Event

Brooks Cycles Track League– 25th August 2022

The penultimate round of the the Brooks Cycles Track League took place on the 25th August with a good turnout considering we are still in the holiday season of 40 riders entered. In warm sunny conditions all races were keenly contested with close battles in each age group as they fight for the leagues titles.
Next week see’s the final round with prize money across all groups on offer kindly donated by Brooks Cycles so hopefully a good number of the 100 registered riders will attend and see the off the end of the season in style.  

The results were as follows;

Main League

Sprinters League 1/2 lap Handicap winners
Thomas Wheaver ( Lyme RC ), Jack Pearson ( BCC Race Team )
Thomas Alcock ( BCC Race Team )

Youth Block H’Cap
1st- Charlie Croft ( Eastlands Velo )
2nd- James Trippier ( Newport CC)
3rd- Hope Ryan ( Sportcity Velo)

Endurance C Scratch
1st- Martin Pettitt ( Coalville Wheelers)
2nd- Robert Barber ( Southend Wheelers)
3rd- Stephen Brindle ( Lyme RC )

Endurance A Scratch
1st – Sidney Wilson ( Derby Mercury)
2nd- Josh Marsden ( Stolen Goat RT)
3rd -Iain Davidson ( U/A)

Endurance B Scratch

1st  -Alex Bayliss ( Lyme RC)
2nd- Martin Alcock ( Lyme RC)
3rd – Reuban Blakeman ( Derby Mercury )

Youth Elimination
1st- Jamie Trippier
2nd- Charlie Croft
3rd- Fay Jackson ( Newport CC)

Sprinters 3 Up Flying 600m
1st Thomas Alcock, Joe Allen ( Liverpool Century), Pete Humphries ( Brooks Cycles)
2nd Paul Sydenham ( Brooks Cycles) Glenn Manifold ( Holmes Chapel Velo) Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles
3rd Thomas Wheaver, Chris Pyatt ( Brooks Cylces) Jack Pearson

Endurance A Elimination
1st- Josh Marsden
2nd -Iain Davidson
3rd – Sydney Wilson

Endurance B Elimination
1st- Nathan Pettitt ( Coalville Wheelers)
2nd- Martin Alcock
3rd- Reuban Blakeman

Endurance C Elimination
1st- Robert Barber
2nd- Adrian Trott ( Cheshire Mavericks)
3rd- Martin Pettitt

Youth Kierin
1st- Charlie Croft
2nd – Jamie Tripper
3rd – Hope Ryan

Endurance C Points Race
1st- Martin Pettitt
2nd – Adrian Trott
3rd- Robert Barber

Endurance B Points Race
1st – Alex Bayliss
2nd – Martin Alcock
3rd – Steve Cronshaw ( Brooks Cycles)

Endurance A Motor Paces 8 Lap
1st -Josh Marsden
2nd- Sydney Wilson
3rd- Iain Davidson

Keirin Final
1st- Josh Spendelow
2nd- Jack Pearson
3rd- Thomas Alcock
4th – John Hughes ( Backline Sprinting )
5th- Chris Pyatt
6th- Joe Allen

Youth Scratch
1st- Charlie Croft
2nd- Jamie Trippier
3rd- Hope Ryan

Endurance C Scratch
1st- Martin Pettitt
2nd- Adrian Trott
3rd- Bob Barber

Endurance B Scratch
1st- Reuban Blakeman
2nd – Phil Lomas
3rd – Martin Alcock

Endurance A Scratch
1st-Josh Marsden
2nd- Sydney Wilson
3rd – Iain Davidson